Post-Matric Programme

It has become obvious that a different approach to education has become critically important in South Africa. Only one in eight school leavers will find gainful employment after completing school. In addition to that, the majority of school leavers cannot either afford, or will not be accepted for tertiary studies, but with limited or little education, they will also form part of the potential labour force.


At St George’s College we don’t only assist enquiring young minds to be university ready but we also prepare them to be self-driven and entrepreneurial. In this way, the student will not only be ready to deal with the disappointment of unemployment and employability but they will be empowered to generate economic development, job creation, innovation and improved welfare in the larger population of the RSA.


The St George’s post-matric is a programme suitable for any individual who has already written his or her matric examinations (IEB or DBE), some who needs to improve on their matric results and those who are undecided about their future careers and not quite ready for tertiary education.


The post matric students will not only improve their matric subject results, but they will gain many additional business and entrepreneurial skills, including the skills required to cope in a tertiary institution i.e. research skills, writing skills, academic discipline, emotional intelligences etc.


Entrepreneurship is an ability to creatively identify ideas, to exploit these ideas and through a thorough process of business planning, identify and pursue opportunities and to manage this process in an effective and sustainable manner over time. This definition introduces the over-arching purpose of this programme, to equip young people with a thorough understanding and the ability to apply entrepreneurial principles in a rapidly changing world.


The academic component over above improving matric results focuses on small business development and entrepreneurship. The single most important outcome of the programme is a workable business plan, which the student can use to build skills, find funding and eliminate most of the risks of a start-up.

The students will also be required to be involved in a mission and/or community service project. The project is a vehicle to learn the social entrepreneurial skills required to serve and to engage in communities outside their own.


The students will undertake and lead an outdoors adventure for a group of students. This project involves the costing, planning, marketing, selling and execution of this event. The project is a vehicle to learn additional and practical business skills required to be a start-up entrepreneur.


Application and Selection Process


Please note, the post matric programme is a full year and students are required to attend class daily and complete all the tasks of the programme. The cost of the program is R 35 000, 00 or 10 payments of R3 500, 00. A 10% discount offered for upfront payment. The number of places is limited to 15 students. Application forms are available from our College offices.