About us

St George’s College is a co-educational day school with a Christian ethos and is committed to academic excellence and moral integrity. St George’s offers a wide range of activities geared towards developing each of our pupils intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We work tirelessly to ensure that we provide an environment where each child is encouraged to do his or her best.

At St George’s we are dynamic and outward looking and believe that our pupils need to engage with the world in a manner that pushes them out of their comfort zones and teaches them to face the challenges of life. Throughout this we give our pupils the necessary support and guidance in a manner that promotes self-confidence and responsibility.

Spur Shadow Shift

The College sits the Independent Examinations Board examinations in grade 12. This is a rigorous examination that seeks to apply knowledge instead of just testing pupils on what they know. Being a member of the Independent Schools Association, ISASA, provides the College with the many opportunities provided by this membership. ISASA is the largest independent schools’ organisation in Southern Africa, and within the organisation are the sharpest minds in South African education circles. ISASA also has very strong ties with international educational organisations. This membership places St George’s College as part of a family of successful and innovative schools.