Matrics 2018

Matric Class 2018
Brendan Dyke – “Live Life to the fullest and focus on the positives.”
Emma Boshoff – “Scrubs Seaspn 6, Episode 16, 02:59”
Ababalwe Mzana – “People will always look down at you, you just gotta put in extra effort so that 2 years later they look up to you.”
Phumelela Cuntu – “The best preperation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
Mbaliyethu Tabata – “Be yourself, don’t act to get awards or applause from people who respect the real you.”
Vanessa du Plessis –
Loida SamSampo – “I achieved most of my excellence primarily because I believed in myself. So first believe and then achieve!”
Tereny Jantjies –