Aspiring dancers take to the floor with VP learners at VP every Monday evening as they are put through their paces by Mr Hadrian Roberts from “Dare to Dance”.  Many of our current dancers have been graded very highly.  This is a very nice skill to have and you will be able to use it the rest of your life.


Chess club meets on some second breaks and once it is up and running will be organized to run on Friday  afternoons.   We are slowly but surely becoming a force to be reckoned with amongst the local schools.



In the Debating society and Public speaking teams  students learn the valuable skill of using sound logical argument to outwit an opponent.  They learn to have the confidence to articulate their thoughts in public and develop the discipline to enter into productive and intelligent debate.  Without doubt, they also extend their general knowledge and their awareness of the world at large.  Most of all they are taught to think, to question, to analyze and to hypothesize – invaluable skills in the world today.


We are active in a variety of school-based community projects. We support local charities and visit children’s homes and render assistance to a variety of community projects.  This club enables learners to learn the vital importance of helping the less privileged members of our community.


This is a very prestigious award programme that falls under the auspices of the International Duke of Edinburgh Award.  The candidates must do a variety of activities, from attending workshops to involving themselves in community service projects.  The main purpose of the programme is to empower youth to achieve personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance and service to the community. There are three attainment levels: bronze for over 14 years; silver for 15 years and gold for over 16.  Each level demands increased commitment and determination. Our Gold Award recipients are presented with their badges and certificates by a prestigious guest of honour every second year.  Guests of honour have included President Jacob Zuma and the Earl of Sussex, Prince Edward.


SCA is held every Thursday at 2nd break where a youth pastor from Fathers House shares the Word of God with the learners.


Art club is an informal environment where learners have an opportunity to explore and experiment with various mediums and techniques associated with Arts and Crafts.


Hope Jones Ambassadors work very closely with disabled learners, spending time with them in informal situations.  We also organize various socials, fundraisers and activities to engage with physically challenged learners.


The Junior City Council is an initiative run by the NMMM which aims to expose secondary school learners to the workings of the city.  The purpose of the JCC is to make youth aware of their ability to be mobilisers for positive change in their city.  Each school has a junior and senior representative who attends meetings and then provides the school with the information necessary for more learners to get involved in the current community project.


The purpose of the Media and Comunications club is to intoduce our students to photography, media and social media comunication skills. The students will be developing systems to document the happenings at the school. They will also be responsible for the equipment related to  the prodtion of newsletters and the school yearbook.