St Georges is firstly an academic school that teaches the highly rated IEB curriculum. Our classes are smaller than 25, allowing us to care for each person as a individual. We not only lead in fields of academics but also offer a verity of sporting and cultural activities to promote and develop an emotionally intelligent person that is grounded in his/her moral, social and spiritual values.

We teach the Christian worldview, providing a warm, caring environment that develops not only the intellectual intelligence (IQ), but also focuses on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Physical Intelligences (SQ) in our young students. A combination of these intelligences are major determinants of future success of young people to function at University and beyond.

Because education is key to shaping young peoples attitudes, skills and culture, it is vital that entrepreneurship education is addressed from a school going age. Entrepreneurship education is essential not only to shape the mind-set of young people but also to provide the skills and knowledge that are central to developing an entrepreneurial culture. An entrepreneurial culture will promote a dynamic economy, which is innovative and able to create the jobs that are much needed in South Africa.