Mission and Vision


We are committed to a proud tradition of family values and provide an exceptional, progressive Christian education in a stimulating, multi-cultural and disciplined environment.


To develop world class, co-educational, independent schooling that prepares young people for life. We aim to equip our pupils to be socially responsible and compassionate in an ever-changing world.

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Family and Fellowship
  • Kindness
  • Commitment

St George’s College offers:

  • Co-ed, multi-cultural, Christian education.
  • Continuity from Grade 8 to Grade 12 catering for all aspects of a pupil’s development.
  • Commitment to a proud tradition of family values, which allows parents, pupils and staff to cultivate a true sense of co-operation, mutual respect and friendship.
  • A progressive educational philosophy and academic tone
  • A focus on academic excellence, with highly qualified staff who strive to take the pupils beyond the expected.
  • A combination of traditional charm and innovative, modern approaches, which creates a stimulating learning environment.
  • A welcoming approach to all foreign-language-speaking pupils.  
  • A well-equipped computer centre with Internet access, scanning and printing facilities.   
  • A Tuckshop
  • A winter and summer sporting programme that caters for all levels of interest. Coaching provided is of a high standard and emphasis is placed on participation, sportsmanship and sporting etiquette.
  • A variety of clubs and cultural activities.
  • A school discipline code that teaches personal responsibility and accountability.
  • A strong values system that helps pupils to recognise their role in society and gives them the opportunity to be involved in various community services.
  • Strong family values and traditions.