Dear Parent,


It has become obvious that a completely different approach to education has become critically important in South Africa. Only one in eight school levers will find gainful employment after completing either school or University. In addition to that, the majority of school leavers cannot either afford, or will not be accepted for tertiary studies but, with limited or little education; they will also form part of the potential labour force. At St Georges College we don’t only assist enquiring young minds to be University ready but to also prepare them to be self-starting and entrepreneurial. In this way they will not only be ready to deal with the disappointment of unemployment and employability, they will be empowered and entrepreneurial. It is common knowledge that the counties entrepreneurs are responsible for economic development, job creation, innovation and the welfare of the bigger population in RSA.


St Georges College’s Christian ethos provides a warm, caring environment that natures the complete person, thus enabling students to develop their full potential. We know that lively young minds find stimulus through interaction with each other and through the teaching and encouragement provided by a talented, dedicated and caring teaching staff. We aim to take the lead not only in standards of academic, sporting and cultural achievement but also in the promotion and development of an emotionally intelligent person that is grounded in his/her moral, social and spiritual values.


The pupil teacher ratios are often lower than 1 teacher to 15 students. Thus, teaching at the College is balanced between educating for life, opportunity thinking, to include creativity and importantly achieving strong results in the exit examinations. Additionally, the school ergonomics and environment is similar to that of a University, preparing students to cope with research and writing skills, academic discipline, life skills and emotional intelligence.  The St Georges College also has a group of strong, dedicated academics that are focused on providing quality education to the students. Teaching at the College follows a path balanced between educating for life and preparation to do well in the final exit examinations. The Grade 12, bar the exception, always graduates with University acceptance.


As the College’s leader, I understand that the St Georges College will only be as good as our combined efforts. I am of the firm belief that together, we can build the strongest and most desirable College around. To this end, I would like to share our 3 phase integration approach between 2016 -2018:

Phase one

includes upgrades to some of the classrooms to include blinds and better furniture. We have completed the upgrade to the Matric room in the last school holidays; we are introducing a new school hall, art and dance studio before the middle of 2017. We have already acquired the furniture and about 750 additional books for our new electronic-academic library. The library will be fully functional by the middle of 2017. We are introducing a new sit-down “CHILL ZONE” for the students by the middle of 2017; This will include Wi-Fi and serve the important need of a safe area where our students can spend the afternoons and have healthier meals.

Phase one will also focus on the Post Matric program for 2017. The program will be offered focused either on University readiness or a career development program for students not interested in a formal education will also be introduced, offering accredited career training in the areas of PADI SCUBA diving instruction, PADI Swimming Instructors, Hair and Beauty Academy, First Aid to EMS, Health and Safety practitioner and Civil engineering testers.

Phase Two

will focus on the Short Learning Programs. Short Learning Programs for 2017 will include, Progress Green SLP’s, SETA and SEDA Accreditation Courses (Health and safety, Civil engineering testing etc), NHBRC SLP, African Leadership Program, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Understanding Finance and Accounting, Financial Management, Production Engineering Management, Sales Management, Civil Engineering Management, Business Environment, International Business, Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Documentation and Contracts for Engineers, Leadership, Environmental management, Research Methodology, Human Resource Management, Future Studies and Christian Faith in Small Business.

Third phase

the possible introduction of an international University curriculum and a FET college, specifically focused on business studies for the 2018 and 19 Academic years.

We are certain that our approach to the future will set your child up for future success. Please contact me for an application form and/or interview as we can only accommodate another 10 pupils for 2018.


 Dr Leslie Boshoff

Executive Head: St. George’s College