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At St George’s College we focus on Mathematics, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Science.

Grade 12 – Matric 2018 Results:

St George’s College grade 12s of 2018 achieve a 100% pass in the IEB National Senior Certificate examinations.

Congratulations to all on achieving a most pleasing set of results, with 90.9% achieving Bachelor passes and 6 distinctions across the board.

St George’s College congratulates the Class of 2018 with pride. Well done!

Term Calendar :2019
Term 1
Wednesday 9 January to Thursday 14 March
Term 2
Wednesday 3 April to Thursday 13  June
Term 3
Wednesday 10 July to Thursday 19 September
Term 4
Wednesday 2 October to Wednesday 4 December


St George’s College is a co-educational day school with a Christian ethos and is committed to academic excellence and moral integrity. St George’s offers a wide range of activities geared towards developing each of our pupils intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We work tirelessly to ensure that we provide an environment where each child is encouraged to do his or her best.

At St George’s we are dynamic and outward looking and believe that our pupils need to engage with the world in a manner that pushes them out of their comfort zones and teaches them to face the challenges of life. Throughout this we give our pupils the necessary support and guidance in a manner that promotes self-confidence and responsibility.

The College sits the Independent Examinations Board examinations in grade 12. This is a rigorous examination that seeks to apply knowledge instead of just testing pupils on what they know. Being a member of the Independent Schools Association, ISASA, provides the College with the many opportunities provided by this membership. ISASA is the largest independent schools’ organisation in Southern Africa, and within the organisation are the sharpest minds in South African education circles. ISASA also has very strong ties with international educational organisations. This membership places St George’s College as part of a family of successful and innovative schools.

Mission and Vision


We are committed to a proud tradition of family values and provide an exceptional, progressive Christian education in a stimulating, multi-cultural and disciplined environment.


To develop world class, co-educational, independent schooling that prepares young people for life. We aim to equip our pupils to be socially responsible and compassionate in an ever-changing world.

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Family and Fellowship
  • Kindness
  • Commitment

St George’s College offers:

  • Co-ed, multi-cultural, Christian education.
  • Continuity from Grade 8 to Grade 12 catering for all aspects of a pupil’s development.
  • Commitment to a proud tradition of family values, which allows parents, pupils and staff to cultivate a true sense of co-operation, mutual respect and friendship.
  • A progressive educational philosophy and academic tone
  • A focus on academic excellence, with highly qualified staff who strive to take the pupils beyond the expected.
  • A combination of traditional charm and innovative, modern approaches, which creates a stimulating learning environment.
  • A welcoming approach to all foreign-language-speaking pupils.  
  • A well-equipped computer centre with Internet access, scanning and printing facilities.   
  • A Tuckshop
  • A winter and summer sporting programme that caters for all levels of interest. Coaching provided is of a high standard and emphasis is placed on participation, sportsmanship and sporting etiquette.
  • A variety of clubs and cultural activities.
  • A school discipline code that teaches personal responsibility and accountability.
  • A strong values system that helps pupils to recognise their role in society and gives them the opportunity to be involved in various community services.
  • Strong family values and traditions.


Matric class of 2018!
Grade 10’s planting their Lemon Tree in our Lime pots









Important Dates:

Examination Dates
Midyear Examinations                            Monday 27 May to Friday 14 June
Grade 12 Preliminary Examinations      Monday 2 September to Friday 20                                                                         September
November Examinations (Grade 8 to 11) Monday 4 November to Friday 29                                                                         November
Other Important Dates
Evening of Excellence                            Thursday 10 October
Valedictory                                              Friday 11 October
IEB Examinations begin (TBC)               16/17 October to 29 November
Public and School Holidays
New Year’s Day                               Tuesday 1 January
Human Rights’ Day                          Thursday 21 March
Good Friday
Friday 19 April
Easter Monday                                 Monday 22 April
Freedom Day                                   Saturday 27 April
Workers’ Day                                   Wednesday 1 May
Youth Day
Sunday 16 June
Public Holiday                                  Monday June 17
National Women’s Day                    Friday 9 August
Heritage Day                                    Tuesday 24 September
Day of Reconciliation                        Monday 16 December
Christmas Day                                  Wednesday 25 December
Day of Goodwill                                Thursday 26 December



We would like to wish our matric class good luck with their final exams.

We are celebrating Arbour week from 3-7 September by planting our Grade 8 Lemon Tree projects. At St George’s College we believe that planting a tree is planting hope for tomorrow.

We would like to wish Benedict and Joshua good luck as they will be representing the Eastern Province Fencing team in the KZN Open from 6-9 September. Joshua Nsua received a bronze medal at this event.

We celebrated secretaries day

Our Executive Director, Dr Boshoff and Academic Head, Mr Mark Fletcher celebrating Secretaries Day with our wonderful secretary, Mrs Nadine Geldenhuys.

on Wednesday, 5th of September. Thank you for all you do, Mrs Geldenhuys, you truly are the heart of our school.


Our Head Honchos at St George’s College. From left: Executive Head, Dr Leslie Boshoff, Tosca Group CEO, Frederik Eijbers and Academic Head, Mark Fletcher.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 041 585 0079.

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We look forward to hearing from you.